HTC is launching its own mobile VR headset for some reason

Kristine ColeFeb 17 , 2017

He also talked about the implementation of VR, hinting that HTC has "something interesting in the pipeline for combining mobility with virtual reality that will be launched in the second half of the year".

The net loss was Tw$3.1 billion, an improvement on the year-before loss of Tw$3.4 billion, a company statement said. HTC drew a lot of attention with the Vive headset.

According to CNET, which spoke to Chief Financial Officer Chia-lin Chang, HTC has developed a VR product compatible with the new U Ultra smartphone.

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Companies like Oculus, Samsung and Google have been in the mobile VR game for a while now and it looks like soon HTC will be joining the ranks.

Achieving profitability is HTC's aim this year, and its plan of attack is to release fewer phones that sit on the top end, rather than flood the market with devices that span the price spectrum.

From this, we can imagine a Gear VR or a Daydream style product.

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Embattled electronics maker HTC reported an operating loss of NT$3.6 billion on revenue of NT$22.2 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2016. The device is created to operate with the HTC U Ultra and may end up supporting other smartphones before being released.

But the device won't be as simple as the Samsung Gear VR, which relies entirely upon the smartphone for computing purposes.

With the latest announcements and poor figures in smartphone sales for 2016, HTC might just be admitting to transitioning into a VR company and renouncing its struggling smartphone business. Our curiosity is definitely piqued, and given what we've seen from the Vive, we can't wait to see what HTC actually has in store.

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