Anti-Assad states to meet on Syria amid concerns over U.S. policy

Camille RiveraFeb 17 , 2017

And that happened. It happened in Europe, mainly in Germany, ' he said.

Bashar al-Assad said on in an interview with French media broadcast on Thursday that the travel ban, which included an indefinite ban on all Syrian refugees, was created to prevent "terrorists" from infiltrating the US.

As for the future of Syrias 4.8 million refugees, Assad said, “For me, the priority is to bring those citizens to their country, not to help them immigrate.”.

Salim al-Muslit, spokesman of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC), also told Reuters that the opposition was sticking to its position that President Bashar al-Assad can have no role in the transition, saying "the heavy price paid by the Syrian people" would have been wasted if he remained in power.

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Trump criticized most - "but not all" - of the mainstream media for failing to report a spike in his approval rating . The president has sought for days now to focus attention on leaks as illegal and unsafe .

The Syrian regime criticized the Western states with every single occasion for their support towards the rebel organizations, labeled by the Damascus Administration as terrorists.

Concerning worldwide negotiations to end the conflict that has claimed more than 300,000 lives, Assad said Western countries had "lost their chance of achieving anything in Geneva twice". Turkey has sent a lower-level delegation to the talks, compared with the previous round, because some senior diplomats were accompanying President Tayyip Erdogan on a foreign visit, Lavrentiev said.

From the very beginning, the West made a mistake by voicing support for the opposition in Syria, Assad said.

The militants say they seek to obstruct any army attempts to capture a strategic border crossing with Jordan.

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For instance, the upcoming Vauxhall Grandland X - a new C-segment SUV headlining Vahxuall's SUV boom - will sit on a PSA platform. A PSA spokesman confirmed that the company was in talks with the USA carmaker to deepen their partnership.

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed at the end of the talks to establish a mechanism aimed at monitoring the ceasefire that took effect across Syria on December 30, 2016.

A new round of UN-backed negotiations is due to begin in Geneva where the main Syrian opposition body wants to be face-to-face with the Damascus government.

. To get information? We have all the information.

Pointing to the challenge facing the United Nations -led talks, separate Syria talks that had been due to take place in Kazakhstan were postponed on Wednesday for one day.

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