Facebook Announces New Way to Watch Videos from the Platform on TVs

Kristine ColeFeb 16 , 2017

Our Facebook feeds are full of videos from family, friends and our favorite creators, but watching videos while browsing your feed hasn't always been intuitive. You now have to explicitly tap the video to start hearing audio, ensuring you don't accidentally blare out sound in public or have to listen to clips you're not interested in.

Android users get that same picture-in-picture window outside of the Facebook app as well, letting you watch Facebook videos no matter what you're doing. Features are similar to what you've come to expect from other video apps.

Last year, the company gave users the ability to stream videos from Facebook to the TV, and the company is expanding the capability. In iOS, go to Settings Account Settings Sound, and disable the "Videos In News Feed Start With Sound" option. As videos have become a major part of one's News Feed experience, they also started paying off for Facebook and the company is looking to capitalize on this opportunity.

Considering how many people never bother to change default settings on websites and in apps, it's a safe bet we're all about to hear a lot more Facebook audio than we want.

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If your iPhone or other smartphone is set to silent mode the videos in your Facebook feed will be silent, too.

Thankfully - for those who don't want videos to suddenly play out on the bus - if your phone is set to be completely silent, Facebook will not override that.

But between now and the end of the year Facebook's News Feed will be enabling sound on your News Feed by default, a move the company has been testing out on a limited number of users for a short while. This should help avoid inadvertent embarrassment that the feature could cause.

Facebook had recently changed the video settings in its app to play videos automatically, which changed the users' experience.

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"Our video app for TV is a new way to enjoy Facebook videos on a bigger screen", Li and Sittler wrote. On Android devices, you can even continue playing the clip if you leave the Facebook app.

In its new update, vertical Facebook videos will look better with a larger preview in News Feed on mobile devices.

Facebook has already started rolling out the feature. As ever, it may be a little while before the update lands on every device.

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